World Affairs Council of Greater Miami works in collaboration with other organizations on developing and hosting events. Through joint efforts, prominent guest speakers present to audiences which are cultivated through mutual outreach. The Council works with outside groups for public and private events featuring current and former government officials, senior military officers, business leaders, philanthropists, and scholars from prominent institutions. 

Developing Program Topics

The Council engages special events and series on Latin America and the Caribbean, such as the role of US Military across Latin America. Here are just a few of the topics we are discussing with collaborators: 

  • Cybersecurity: Threats and Solutions 

  • Foreign Partnerships in Combatting ISIS 

  • The Cartel-Terrorism Dynamic Across Latin America 

  • U.S. - European Union partnerships in Foreign Affairs 

  • NAFTA - Modernization and Renegotiations 

  • U.S. - Foreign Partnerships in Environmental Responsibility 

  • International Finance, Risk mitigation and Compliance Abroad


Internship Program
The Council engages a pro-active inter-campus outreach initiative through student organizations, associations, and individual networking. With the support of current interns, university students are invited to attend and volunteer at special events. 

Council Activities
World Affairs Council of Greater Miami organizes international educational events with guest speakers and panelists featuring issues such as military partnerships in regions and with allies, emerging foreign economies and US impacts abroad. The Council co-hosts educational events and socials with collaborating partners, such as sponsors, organizations specializing in the issue, chambers of commerce, and academia. 

Council Programs

Academic Events
The Council works with institutional collaborators such as current and former Policy Makers from the U.S. and Abroad, U.S. Military, Universities and Think Tanks on organizing educational events featuring prominent speakers and panelists. 

Media Broadcast
In partnership with The Shalom Show on TV, special guest speakers and friends of World Affairs Council of Greater Miami are featured on this national television program. Archives and summaries are available for all broadcasts. 

Private Networking Events
The Council works with a consortium of Miami area organizations on hosting private social engagements for prominent leadership in government, nonprofit, academia, and business sectors. These events provide attendees with an opportunity for open and vast collaboration on a myriad of topics. 

Arts Exhibitions
The Council supports awareness development, civic engagement, and diplomacy through exhibitions in extended collaboration with Museums and Galleries featuring historical, leading, and emerging artists from Latin America.